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Haus of Ludwig

A collective haus of marketing professionals specialising in strategy,

demand generation, content creation,

event management and experiences

Haus of Ludwig was founded by Jessica Benton in 2023 after discovering a niche pain point where many companies, namely startups were experiencing cutbacks with little to no headcount, yet the need for marketing services in regions outside of the US was growing.

With over a decade of experience, Jessica, a US native, started her career in Munich, Germany and now resides in the UK. She's travelled across US, UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa and worked with the likes of Microsoft, Red Hat and startups such as Tableau (now a Salesforce company), Trifacta (now an Alteryx company), DataStax, now helping other tech companies and startups achieve success. 


Jessica started the collective "haus" of professionals to help those in the tech space succeed in existing and new markets. With her expertise in strategy, field marketing, demand generation, content creation, events and creating unique experiences, with the likes of Wimbledon, Oktoberfest, private tastings and executive dinners -- she's developed tailored solutions that can help others meet their marketing goals.


Her experience extends across various markets in US, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and she has a great understanding of the unique challenges that come with expanding into new regions. 

Haus of Ludwig's target audience primarily focuses on US-based startups in the tech/software space that are looking to develop, improve or expand their operations into the UK and Europe. Services are designed to cater to B2B companies, from early-stage startups to established enterprises.


With a strong track record of success in bringing US startups into Europe, Jessica and the collective offer invaluable insights and connections that give clients a competitive edge. Additionally, having a data-driven approach ensures that all strategies and campaigns are backed by insights and analytics that enable measurable results and drive ROI.


Jessica Benton


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